Furs are an organic material that will not last forever. There are ways to care for your fur to keep it looking great and maximise its lifespan. A fur garment can last for generations if cared for correctly. The most important part of fur care is proper storage and conditioning. Furs will dry out quickly without proper storage and conditioning. Proper storage conditions are 50 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% humidity

Buying a fur piece is an investment and a consumer will want to know that they can keep their garment looking good as new for as long as possible. Fur is something that gets better with age and can last a lifetime if looked after properly. 

What if my fur gets soaked?

Most fur items can handle light rain and snow just fine. If your fur gets completely soaked—which you should try to avoid. If your fur is just mildly wet, give it a shake and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room, making sure to keep it away from direct heat. Do NOT blow-dry it or hang it over a radiator. Once the fur is dry, give it another shake to fluff the fur. NEVER comb or brush a fur garment; rather, smooth the fur gently with your hand if needed.

Some easy peasy steps to remember about your fur

  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in breathable cloth bags—NEVER in plastic, PEVA, or vinyl.
  • Keep away from high heat sources, such as blow dryers and heaters.
  • Avoid spraying hairspray and perfume on your fur.
  • For deep cleaning always go to a cleaner that specializes in fur

Cleaning your fur

Most light dust and dirt can be brushed away with your hand , remember. to never use a brush on your fur. If your fur coat gets dirty, bring it to a professional who specializes in fur cleaning. Do not go to a regular dry cleaner, and do not attempt to condition your coat at home.