With the new website and all the social media “connections” you can make with a few simple clicks, it is a great idea showing products on multiple platforms. but this morning social media kinda set me off.

Adding products to the website, it is syncing well with Facebook Shop section of our page, all is well. Go for a refill on my coffee and double check the last couple of products I just added, a one is rejected….


Ok I can understand, no not really about the fur hats and mitts being rejected, but a test product with an image of Coyote hat and fur mitts is fine? But the ones after it are rejected!… hmm Ok whatever, I get it not everyone sees the benefits of real fur. Now in todays world of “over sensitivity” I think it is getting beyond ridiculous.

Can I be offended by someone being offended?

I think today we really need to calm down and look at things in reality..real reality.

So Facebook decided with its super smart algorithm that a 2″ wide leather belt is a weapon…. um ah ok..maybe?

A Belt is a weapon!

Ok I know when I was a kid it was a thing to be feared of, usually after you drove your parents car into a river..(yup true story)…

Ok your out of ammo… lost or broke your knife….and you have your belt and 35 cents left… so what do you do? Take off your belt and start whipping the offender with it while you hold up your pants with the other hand… then what lay down and let them offend your life and body? Ahh NOPE still DO NOT GE IT!