Well last week I got the all clear from the surgeon to start in on creating stuff slowly and work my way into it.

I must say my hands are feeling fantastic and I will heed the Dr’s warning and go slow. And he has mentioned any numbness to get back in to see him right away.

That being said here is our current forecast for queues.

Fur Items

This year fur items are taking a minimum 3 weeks lead time..and as always will depend on fur availability.


NO custom work. And will be the blades already made up. I will say the majority of them will have birch bark handles…and sheaths can be customized.


We have a steady 2 week +/- queue.


We will not be attending weekend markets as we will be busy clearing our property for our needs.

Christmas orders

This year we will ship the last orders out on Dec 6.
International orders will ship Nov 30
Local orders will be taken until Dec 13.

Dec 13 is last day shop will be open this year…and reopening Jan. 6 2020.