A few years ago I wanted a Anorak style garment to wear for our outings in the colder seasons here, basically October to April.

It had to tick these boxes:

My "Wooly" and Raccoon hat
My “Wooly”Version 1 and Raccoon my hat
  • Warm
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast drying
  • No pockets
  • No zippers
  • No layers
  • No drawstrings

Well I got 95 % of what I wanted when Heather and I set out to create my “Wooly” as I have come to call it. So what is a Wooly, is it an Anorak, a Boreal shirt or something else? It is part Anorak, part Boreal shirt and part mountain man shirt, I looked at the styling and patterns for all of these and made our own from the features we wanted. from the list above.

Now I have worn this for 3 winter seasons, worn it on hikes, cutting firewood, snowshoeing, snowplowing the driveway…. and have never been overheated or cold. On a few occasions I have been covered in snow from storms and a quick brush of my hands and it is cleared off and dries in no time. On breezy days I often wear a merino wool long sleeve shirt under it, and I must say it has performed well. Everywhere I go people ask me “where did I get your coat/pullover/anorak”…nope din’t buy it, we made it!

And after all of this I am 100% happy with the pattern, the way it wears, the low maintenance of it… wool being natural fibres it basically requires being “aired out” to freshen it and dries quickly.

And now I feel it is time to offer it as a product in the “Shop”. Some of the options we are looking at are:

  • Solid Coloured Wools
  • Plaid Wools
  • Striped Wools
  • Hooded and no hood versions
  • Kangaroo pocket and no pocket versions

They wool we use is of a jacket or blanket weight, and a piece 1.8m x 2.5m (70″x 100″) weighs approximately 2.7kg(6 lbs)

Look for the “Wooly” in the shop section over the next few days as we sort out pricing and other details.


Rick & Heather