Well it was a long but productive day yesterday in the shop.

Two trips to town to the fabric store, once for material, and second for thread….. yup one would think to make a list…. put noooo I will remember… haha. no ..no I didn’t, in all fairness I picked up thread for the serger not regular sewing thread.

OK so a few pattern changes and a couple of hmm lets me see is this the right way and oh think of it like a puzzle… we have the border done, what else needs to be done “BEFORE” it all gets put together.

It went together well and after a few coffee breaks we got the assembly order sorted out and in no time we had a finished ” Wooly” before us.

A quick look over for hanging threads and bam time to get it outside in the natural light to see the plaid and grey colours how well they blend…. turns out they match extremely well.

Cheers for now

Rick & Heather