Keeps you warm & dry

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and remain dry to the touch. It will only feel wet when water gets between the yarns and saturates the fabric. Even wet, wool traps heat better than synthetic materials, this allows your body heat to escape, making it a perfect choice for damp and or rainy conditions.

Wool buffers you from temperature changes and helps regulate your core temperature. You won’t get that instant chilled feeling when you step into a cold environment or get hit with a blast of wind. Because of wool’s unique ability to manage moisture, it helps keep a stable temperature.

Requires less washing

Wool fibres don’t tend to absorb oils or perspiration and the odour-producing bacteria that come with them, so it’s naturally odour-resistant. Wool doesn’t cling to your skin either, so it won’t pick up dirt particles as easily as other fabrics, leading to less washing than synthetics or cotton.

Just like the great kilt, you wear it and simple let it air out to “off gas” your perspiration. Line drying is the best way to get the bad out your wool garments.

If you “MUST” wash your wool garment the n we would recommend a detergent made for wool clothing with Lanolin and hand wash in water no water than you can hold on the back of your hand.

It’s fire-safe and chemical resistant

Wool is self-extinguishing, and the least flammable of fibres, so it’s great to wear when you’re camping. A thin protective membrane, like a wax covering, is bonded to the outside of each wool fibre, making it resistant to chemicals like dry cleaning fluids. This wax like covering is lanolin a natural part of the wool and this can be removed when washed in machines or hot water.

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Heather & Rick