We are all still dealing with these new changes of society and how we go about our daily business, home schooling, limited shopping etc, etc…

Under the State of Emergency act, which limits what types of businesses can be open, or open to the public, etc. Some businesses can still process online orders and ship items out or allow a curb/storefront pickup.

With our style of business we can continue with online orders, as long as our leather and other stock holds up, part of this is relying on suppliers , who had also shut down as well.

Our suppliers are from everywhere, knife steel from Scandinavia, Curly Birch handle materials from Finland, leather from Nova Scotia, Alberta & USA, with every country dealing with the spread of Covid 19, closing borders, closing businesses, they shut down supplies for many industries world-wide, our little shop included.

Yesterday I received email from two suppliers, indicating they will be shipping items once again, however with limited stock on hand, they are not indicating a full return to regular business and cannot guarantee a steady flow of materials to keep them stocked.

With this said I am doing a inventory of current stock and will reach out to the suppliers and see what we can and cannot restock at this time. If we can resupply on some of our main items needed, we will make the adjustments to the website listings and only show what can be made and shipped out.

Custom knife work will not be part of this at this time, our heat treating service has indicated he is not opening his services at this time. I have around 20 blades made and ready to be finished these will be posted to website as they become available.

Fur items, will have to be on hold, one supplier is reserving stock for his larger clients who buy in bulk, and the few locals we buy fur from have little to no fur on hand.

As we get resupplied and can start creating projects we will provide another update, until then stay safe.


Rick & Heather

Kings County Forge