In an effort to regain our privacy back from social media that is now tracking your off Facebook activity to better bombard you with targetted ads. We have decided to close our Facebook account.

I feel very strongly on this topic and feel no company should monitor your activites to ” better” serve you…more like “sell” your preferences to companies and the highest bidder.

With the recent data breaches with what seemed like secure companies, how does FB plan to keep your browsing within and outside of their site/app secure. The truth is if a hacker wants in they will find a way, anything and everything is at risk and up for grabs to who ever will pay for it.

This decision was not taken lightly and with further infringment on my personal privacy and yours, I madethe decisoin to no longer play on Facebook.

Our social media that we are keeping

Our YouTube Channel, Twitter and InstaGram(for Now)


Rick & Heather

Kings County Forge