As New Brunswick seems to be leading the way to reopening the economy with no new cases in almost 2 weeks and all cases recovered… this is fantastic news for everyone here. As we are slowly working on opening up more businesses, we are required to have a “Covid-19 Plan” .

We are still in a “State of Emergency” here in New Brunswick, current time frame May 14th 2020, then a re-evaluation will take place.

A few suppliers are getting stock and we are going to reopen with some limitations. These limitations are mostly for product availability.

Furrier: Will not be available at this time.

Wool Items: Will not be available at this time.

Knives: Our main production knives only in limited quantities.

Clan Items: Will not be available at this time.

Leather: Some exotic leathers are not available from suppliers, most other are available for the time being.

Our covid plan is as follows

  • Online orders only!
  • Shop hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. (for order processing)
  • Orders placed online outside of these hours will be processed the next business day.
  • All items will be sanitized, prior to packaging.
  • Orders will be sent via Canada Post with tracking numbers.
  • All efforts to maintain minimal interaction with people.
  • Make use of all advice to minimize risk issued by the Cheif Medical Officer of Health.


Stay Safe, Stay Well

Rick & Heather

Kings County Forge