We are slowly getting back to a regular schedule, restocking the shop is still taking a eternity with shipping delays…. but items are beginning to move back onto our suppliers shelves and onto ours as well. We will continue with regular updates.

One thing to remember is we are not reopening to the public at this time, for a couple of reasons, mostly we are spending a lot of time on our woodlot getting it ready to build our log cabin and a new shop…. so if we have a slack day we are spending it down on the lot…. we wish to thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding that we are focused on the health and well being of our family bubble and yours!

Videos are still behind, have the footage filmed , just need to park my butt in front ot the computer and get them edited.

More bushcraft videos will be coming in the future as well.

Here is one we filmed on the weekend at our woodlot, as I used the Wanderer duffel to pack items back to our cabin build site. I decided to go for a “wander” and find a place to set up my hammock.

Items in the video are


Rick & Heather

Kings County Forge