Just a quick update.. we are reopening once we get a new location sorted out..online is still available for the majority of items.

Furrier and Leather work

We have had good news from our largest fur supplier and leather supply..both are well stocked and ready to send us some much needed inventory.


Knife steel and other items for knife making are not so fortunate, we are still waiting on a resupply of 80CRv2 steel, some brass fittings as well as some other miscellaneous supplies.

Clan – Tartan- Celtic

Tartan and Celtic items are all good to go, we placed a substantial order this morning and everything was in stock.


With the” new normal” event we all have to patiently let orders get processed as quickly as possible.. as I mentioned in a FB post once we hand over the item to Canada Post it is what it is…. so far it hasn’t been too bad, International orders I have kept track of have taken an average of 10 days longer. So at least they arrived. Keep this in mind if your ordering for special occasions.

We can ship via courier if needed, prices would have to be calculated manually and added to the order.

New location

We are looking at several retail spaces and will be making a final decision soon… once we have it will be changed and posted everywhere. Our biggest hesitation is the new regulations for businesses to allow people inside… and we have our own concerns around this as well.

Well I guess that is all for now….stay safe, be well


Rick & Heather