Covid 19 Related

As you all are aware we are still dealing with the Pandemic, here in NB we have fared extremely well, and are thankful for that. Currently, 2 medical zones are in the Orange stage as the number of cases increase.

As a result, we are still experiencing delays in receiving supplies and some items are just not available at this time.

Good News

We have new items we feel are worth sharing, the first is hand blown glass

Hand Blown Glass

And Grohmann Knives!

Grohmann Knives

Also, a new Wellness section will be created and a series of items will be added such as Crystals and stones.

When can you order?

I am adding this to the “Shop” section this weekend! As I have the behind-the-scenes work already done they will be available as soon as the “product” is created.

Bad News

The bad news is our order queue is full, and our last day for shipping International items was November 20th. And orders within Canada are fast approaching, December 4th.

The webstore will be reopened on Dec 4th, 2020 and all orders received after that will ship in January at the earliest.

Receiving supplies is taking a little bit longer, typically 3-5 days longer, this sets our time back and extends our “making time”.

Thanks everyone for the patience and understanding during all this craziness, and together we can get this beat.


Rick & Heather

Kings County Forge