New Brunswick, Canada

Belt Sizing

The best way to size a belt is to get the center hole measurement off an old belt.”

Put your existing belt on and note which hole you are most comfortable in.
Take belt off and lay it on a flat surface.
Measure the distance from the very top of the buckle to the hole you are most comfortable in. This is your center hole measurement. Please order to the nearest inch and put the exact distance in the comment box .

On a traditional belt I place 2 holes to each side of this center hole measurement.

Belt sizing
Belt Sizing

On a hook style belt I place you in the 3rd loop from the end giving you 3 loops tighter and 2 loops looser.

If this belt is a gift for someone else I need an accurate pant size. For a pant size measurement you need to add 2″ to existing pant size. For example if you wear a 36″ pant you would order a 38″ size. This method is not as accurate as the first because it doesn’t take into account where they wear the belt on there torso.