Hello, we are the folks behind all the great creations and work that you will find on our site. Everything you see here is handmade onsite.

We started Kings County Forge in early 2013 as a way to take our hobbies in the 3 fields of Leather, Steel and Woodworking and make a business from them. And as you can see we have added Furrier to our line up as well.

Rick and I are influenced by days of old and enjoy making modern pieces based on how people used them back then, and how we can incorporate them into daily lives today. We are especially fond of the Pioneering days and fur trade era.

We love seeing old Movies of Mountain men and looking at the kit they used. Being a outdoorsy family, we enjoy hiking, and exploring. We are teaching our kids the arts of Bush craft, and how to make do in almost any circumstances. We enjoy the challenges they overcome, gives them real brain food. TV and video games are limited devices in this household, we enjoy good old fashioned outdoor play time!

We hope you find our site informative and a reason to stop by often and see what projects we have on the go.

A note on making your order, some items we have is stock on a regular basis, and others are “made to order” we have attempted to put notice on the “made to order ” items in the listings.

Wait times are average of 4 weeks, and can become substantially longer, based on materials and supplies.

Hand crafted means just that, made with hands, cut by hand, shaped by hand, sewn by hand, finished by hand..getting the picture.

No mass production tools here!

If you want an item, please order it, your order will get placed in our queue and will be processed as the queue is worked down in a sequential order. Most times we can have an item to you in less time than we quote. But if you experience a wait time, we ask that you be patient, you will love the results when you see the quality of your items.

We are a true home grown Mom-n-Pop Shop

We were both tired of buying stuff that just DOESN’T LAST and hearing the phrase “it’s a throw away society”. My money means something to me and so we decided that our products will be made of high quality and hopefully last a generation maybe even more generations. We run Kings County Forge from our homestead “Happy Little Tree.ca”.

Most of our work is custom work, 90% of our customers say that nobody does custom work anymore. You never get bored with custom work that is for sure. Nobody is perfect not even us!

Since I was a wee child I have always been a hands on person..never one to sit and watch someone do a task. And being super at solving puzzles/problems, things come easy to me, I love a good challenge. My mother was always doing some sort of craft work, either quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, leather craft, ceramics, the list goes on, so the craft gene was already planted in me. I was forever saying “I feel the need to make something, to create”.

I was first introduced to Leather working about 20 yrs ago, when I had a motorcycle repair shop, I was intrigued with the vast amount of energy and personality that goes into even that simplest of pieces/designs. And being a hands on person I dabbled into it and found it quite interesting and a creative hobby.

The knife making started while I worked at a sawmill as a Grinder man, making cutter head blades for 4 and 6 head molder machines and doing all the maintenance on them, and other sawmill equipment. This is where my Bladesmithing started I guess when I stop to think about it. Making various profile blades for high speed cutting tools, from various tools steels.

Our River Series L-2-R: Nerepis, Oromocto, Nashwaak, St. Criox, Tobique, & St. John