Leather Tankard




It’s no secret that folks are fond of their drink, and with this handy leather tankard from Kings County Forge you need never find yourself without a vessel ready to be filled with your favorite beverage.

A little history on this style of Drinking Vessel

The leather wonder known as the “Black Jack” is a tankard made of leather (usually tar-coated) for holding beer or ale. The jack received its name from its distinctive shape. The archers and guardsmen of the time wore a gambeson-style jacket of defense that was a sleeveless coat which came straight down the sides and flared out at the bottom, when it got to the hips. This body protection was called a jack. Because the drinking vessel had the same silhouette, it also became known as a jack. Over time it became known as the black jack, because the majority of them were coated inside with a black pitch or pine tar resin to make them waterproof. Many times erroneously called a bottle of leather.” [source: ModarUniversity]

The shape of this leather tankard has its history from the sailors, a wider base and narrow top to make it stable on board ships.

Made from 5/6oz leather.
Due to potential allergic reactions to beeswax we offer a food grade resin sealer as well…all new orders will be sealed with the resin unless beeswax is requested.
Extremely durable and watertight!

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Custom, Name, Dragon, Celtic knots, No art

Leather Colour

Black, Dark Brown, Green, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Natural