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Kings County Forge

Traditional Mountain Man Hat | Full Length Fur Hat

$ 475.00$ 600.00



Our Traditional Mountain Man Hat is outright amazing!

Made with the full tail, legs and mask of the pelt, it is a perfect hat for your rendezvous and traditional mountain man attire.

Everyone of these fur hats is unique in shape, colour and length. Do you suffer from being cold in the winter…not any longer with this hat, its full thick winter fur is the finest and warmest you can have. We know, we have used them for several years now and never go cold in the long winter treks we make.

Available in the following sizes and fur;


Medium 56cm
Large 58cm
X-Large 60cm
Other sizes are available upon request, and limited to size of pelts.


Silver Fox
Other furs are available, contact us for details

Our Traditional Mountain Man Hat is made to the size you order, once material is cut to that size you own it.

Fur colouring is never the same from one pelt to the next and various monitors can adjust the colouring as well. We make every effort to match pelts if needing to use more than one.

Note: All our fur items are made to order, allow at least 4 weeks for them to be made.(Season gift items can take longer.)

Some fur items can take longer based on fur availability.

Please Note: Due to fluctuations in the market; prices are subject to change. Cites and export permits available when required. Please check with your local wildlife authorities for importation and possession regulations.


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 15 cm

Badger, Coyote, Ranch Cross Fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox

Hat Size

Large 57.5 -58.5cm, Medium 56-57cm, Small 54-56cm, X-Large 59-60cm